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Hyderabadi youth prefer desktop PCs to tablets

Hyderabad: The younger generation in the city is more active on social media platforms such as Facebook, but unlike other metros, the city’s youth are still heavily dependent on desktop computers to access internet, a survey by software major Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) reveals.

The ‘TCS GenY Survey 2011-12′ revealed that the youth in other metros prefer to access social media websites through their mobile phones and other devices such as tablet computers. About 12,300 high school students from 12 Indian cities participated in the survey.

Use of Facebook

According to the survey, about 80 per cent of the respondents from the city use Facebook as compared to 19 per cent in year 2009.

But, most of them access internet from desktop PCs and laptops, that too from their homes or in schools. Though 70 per cent students said that they have personal mobile phones, only 31 per cent of them use these gadgets to browse internet.

Compared to other metro cities, children from Hyderabad also have least exposure towards tablet devices, though they are fast replacing laptops as gadgets of choice, the survey found. So why do city youngsters go online? The survey points out that majority children use internet to do research for their school work.

Chatting with friends and listening to music are other popular online activities that the city youngsters indulge in. The city also deviates from other trends observed in major metros.

While the use of instant messaging, along with twitter and Facebook, is on the rise among youth in other cities, Hyderabadis still prefer voice calls and SMS to communicate.

They also lag behind their peers from other metros in watching online movies and communicating through e-mails, the survey found.

While the city’s youth is at deviance with their peers in other metros in regard with their internet and mobile usage, they are on the same wavelength when it comes to career options.

A majority of them indicated IT and engineering as their preferred career choice.