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Nathalia Kaur aims at long innings in Bollywood

She set the ramp ablaze while she was just 14 and captured the coveted crown by becoming Kingfisher Calendar Girl – 2012. Now with a peppy item number ‘Dan Dan Cheeni’ in Ram Gopal Varma‘s latest thriller ‘Department’, Nathalia Kaur is aiming for a long innings in Bollywood.

A law graduate from Rio de Janeiro and trained opera singer, Nathalia aspires to make a fruitful career in Indian cine field.

Apart from the fabulous performance in the item number, she has already acted in a Kannada movie and bagged another movie with Varma.

“I find India very hospitable and people here are very warm. I want to make this country my home,” daughter of an half-Indian father says. But will this Brazil-born stunner get stumped because of the language? She claims that language is not a problem for her.

“In a country with more than 250 official languages, I don’t think that I will have any problem. I am already comfortable with Hindi and can speak without accent, instead I have an accent when I speak English and I am working on it,” she says.

To gain proficiency in Indian languages, she carries a book to jot down all the words that she comes across.

No accent problem

“Because of my lineage I do not have accent problems while speaking Indian languages. I think I will be able to manage the languages on my own very soon,” she claims.

But while she proved her mettle in the item song, can she handle the high-wire competitive arena in Bollywood?

Down south

Nathalia thinks she is game for the challenge. “I am a through professional and my approach towards the movies is very different. I believe that a good director can bring life to a character and I have no qualms in donning any role that I am asked to,” she says. She is also training her sight on film industry down south.

Film industry in the south is very vibrant. The industry here is very professional and it also some fantastic technicians and directors. I am looking forward to do more movies in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada,” she adds.