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No jobs in Campus placements? go for higher studies instead!

(This article was published in The Hindu on April 02, 2012)

With academic year coming to an end the final year students in various engineering and other degree colleges across the State are getting ready to step into a brand new world of jobs and careers.

Each summer, the final year students indeed reach a crucial crossroad where they have to take a decision as to whether they should continue with their studies or take up a job. It is also the time when most engineering students dream of joining a software company in the hope of taking a slice of the lucrative IT and ITES sector jobs.

For the students who study in top rung institutions like NITs, IITs and reputed colleges options of taking up a job becomes very easy. With most companies preferring these colleges for campus placements, the students from these colleges are set to join better jobs.

But for those who did not study in a better college or those who failed to land a plump job during campus placements, taking a decision proves to be a daunting task. Should they join whatever job that is available for them? Should they take up some course in proprietary software and then join a job? Or should they continue with their further studies? “Only about seven colleges in Hyderabad get campus placements nearing 100 percent. Most students from other colleges have to either take up courses in proprietary software or have to go for further studies,” Siddhartha Malempati of Forum for IT Professionals (ForIT) said. For those who do not have a job in hand by the end of campus placements, taking a decision becomes quite difficult, he said.

While most students prefer to join a short term course and join a software company, HR managers from reputed MNCs believe that going for higher education is also a better option.

“Doing a B. Tech is sufficient to get a job in India and all big companies have a mechanism to induct fresh graduates. But the problem lies in the fact that all big companies have a clear ranking of institutions,” a senior HR manager from a MNC says.

Companies also choose the candidates for different streams based on the nature of work to be done and required skill proficiency, among others. For maintenance and support projects, companies usually hire non-engineering graduates and for software development and core projects they hire engineering graduates,” he explained. “So, for those who pass out from colleges, without many placement opportunities, it makes sense to pursue masters,” he opined.

But again the choice of institution selected to pursue one’s masters is very important. “A student should join for a masters program only from a reputed institution. Joining in a nondescript college or university for a master’s degree will not fetch the desired results as companies view the institutions with a clear hierarchy,” the HR professional says.


Clipped friendship

September 5, 2010 saw me all eager and ready to write my first (ever) exam (after 15 years) at ACJ. Since it was an open book exam, some of us thought we would beat the system by pooling our class notes. A friend of mine, one of the conspirators, had the habit of taking notes on loose sheets, and she brought them into the hall, all neatly segregated as per different topics. I was impressed with her arrangement. She used different coloured gem clips for different topics. I was pretty sure that it was easy to figure out different topics that way.

Gem clips, I thought, was the best way of holding together all those loose sheets, just like the fear of exams that was holding us together. But trouble started when we started passing her notes around. Since gem clip just holds the paper together, and does not tie them up, the sheets started slipping off. This resulted in a jumble of papers on the floor, and soon most of the exam time was spent on segregating her notes rather than writing the paper.

Gem clips are useful when there are few sheets involved. They are also useful when we have to keep rearranging the papers. The innocuous bent wire that has served us as a paper clip has seen many innovations since 1867, when it was first patented. Gem clips were also used in many uncanny ways, as symbols of protest to open door locks; it is used in various interesting ways. With the advent of plastic coating, now the clips have become colourful and attractive. It was so ubiquitous in the offices, that even Microsoft thought it to be prudent to use it as a symbol of an office assistant in MS word.

But after the day of my first exam, I must confess I have understood the paperclip’s downside. My friend too has learnt her lesson well. The next day she had got her notes stapled, which meant that we could never borrow her notes or pass the loose sheets around. Our wings were clipped indeed. Unfortunately, our friendship also resembled those loose notes, held by clip. As soon as the common factor of exam fear vanished we also slipped off from contact. We could not staple our friendship. Obviously our friendships and relationships too are sometimes crooked.

[Special Thanks to my instructor Gita Abraham for making me realise the fun part of editing as well as writing about such a innocuous everyday item like a paperclip. This Article was given a better shape by her expertise.]